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Starting a Forum For the First Time? Here's some tips!

Started by Ravenfreak, Apr 05, 2019, 05:26 pm

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Hey all, this topic will be aimed towards those who have never started a forum. So this will assume that the person reading the topic has never once worked on a forum before. Let me know if this can be improved in the future!

So you want to start making a forum but don't really know where to start? Well continue reading! Before anything you definitely want a topic to base your forum on. This is what we like to call a "niche", the main focus of the forum. Whether it be based around a hobby, your favorite show, etc. you'll need to figure that out before anything else. Once you got that in mind, next you'll want to find some hosting!

So you google "forum host" and are greeted with tons of different hosting sites, both free and paid. Which one you'll need will be entirely up to you but since RunBB has free hosting, and you're here reading this topic it's best to pick RunBB. :P You don't have to set up anything, all the main core features you'll need are all ready outside of the box! This is highly recommended for newbies, because setting up a forum on self hosting isn't best for those who are new to owning a forum. Once you've signed up for hosting, your forum is ready to go! But we're not done just yet, we need to start filling it up with sub forums and topics!

Again if you chose a different platform to host your forum, your set up might be different but in the end all forums rely on sub forums and categories. You'll need to log into your Admin account, so you can access the ACP. We're talking basics here, so I'll be focusing only on creating categories and sub forums. Just what are categories anyway? Categories are what contain sub forums. Sub forums are the actual forums that people can post topics and replies to those topics. It's best to keep your forum organized and easy to navigate. Having a whole bunch of sub forums under one category doesn't look great. Figure out the right amount of categories and sub forums you think will need for your community and start creating them in the ACP!

So you got your forum all set up with fancy categories and sub forums, now it's time to create some topics! I always try to post at least one topic in each sub forum, this encourages guests to join when there are some discussions already being made. Try to keep your topics organized, and easy to read. Once you've added content to the board it's time to promote!

Just how can you promote your forum? You can share the link to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. Promotional forums are a great place to share the link to your forum as well! You can also participate in posts exchanges on promotional forums, and get packages from staff as well to bring in more content and members. Linking the forum in a Youtube video is another great way to get more members!

Alright these are some pretty basic tips for newbies. The big key thing you'll need to remember when owing a forum is to constantly create new topics for people to start talking in. Creating new content will keep members around, and attract new ones. Always remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and that growth will come in time. While it is true social media has taken most of the content away from forums, it doesn't mean yours won't succeed. With any project, hard work and determination are key factors. Keep at it and enjoy your forum!


Excellent post! Thank you for your contribution to the forum  8)